From periphery to parity - welcome to a new breed of development and investment. 

About Us

PACE was established in 2017 as a global developer and investor in clean energy and brings together over 35 years of experience from across the technical and financial supply chain.

Our global team can bring talent and expertise to any market or project - keeping down project specific costs and providing cost effective and efficient route for capital to the benefit of the project, the capital and each local energy market.

Executive Team

Rob Denman Managing Director, PACE

Based in London, United Kingdom

Rob has over 15 years international clean energy experience. With extensive contacts throughout the sector, Rob brings a combination of clean energy and international business development experience that enables PACE to act locally but think internationally. Rob led on the financing of over 300MWp of subsidised utility solar projects in the UK and now lead’s PACE’s business expansion. Rob has a B.Eng in Civil Engineering.

Alex Ross Director, PACE

Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

Alex has gained skills across the technical, design and business aspects through development of over 500MWs of UK and international clean energy projects. Particular areas of focus are in GIS, technical design and grid connection. He has also project managed multiple sites from development through to operation. Alex leads on the UK and Canadian developments and evaluating new markets. Alex has over 10 years of experience in Clean Energy and a BSc in Renewable Energy.

Aitor Larrucea Director, PACE Technical and Managing Director PACE Iberia

Based in the Canary Islands, Spain

Aitor has over 15 years and 600MWp of experience in the renewable sector as Project and Asset Manager for world leading investors, technical advisors and developers. In addition to Aitor’s technical role across all PACE markets he leads on Iberian and LATAM project and business development. Aitor is a qualified electrical engineer.

Commercial and Finance

Rob Rabinowitz Commercial Director - UK

Based in London, United Kingdom

Rob previously managed the project finance and asset management for one the UK’s leading community ownership focused companies, including raising over £60m from banks, retail and other investors and setting up their asset management business. Rob was also founding CEO of a charity that has provided over £50m of funding to 70+ community-based renewable energy projects in the UK and developing world.

Max Dutton Financial Controller

Based in London, United Kingdom

Max brings almost a decade of energy sector experience, working in dynamic environments and with growth companies while at leading accounting firms Deloitte and WSM. Max is ACA qualified and has a BSc in Economics.

Ben Chippendale Analyst

Based in London, United Kingdom

Ben provides project and business assistance to the team. Ben has a degree in international business.

Development Team

Akshan Jirasinha Technical Lead - UK

Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

Akshan brings over 8 years of UK clean energy project management and grid experience. He has been involved in clean energy projects for investment and for the manufacturing sector. Akshan leads on technical solutions in the UK and has a Bsc in Renewable Energy.

Claude Mindorff Director of Development - Canada

Based in Calgary, Canada

Claude brings 30 years of energy and construction expertise and has been active in the renewable energy industry for 22 years. Claude has led the creation of four clean energy development companies that have built portfolios in Ontario, Alberta, and Illinois totalling over 1.5+GW, Claude has also held senior positions in global Independent Power Producers including Mainstream RP where he oversaw a portfolio development of 4+GW.

Claude is responsible for developing PACE Canada's project portfolio across all the clean energy technologies and as we enter into the Canadian green hydrogen market.

Andy Keelan Commercial Land Manager - UK

Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

Andy brings over 10 years of renewables and real estate experience with leading companies including Ecotricity and JLL. He supports the development team in negotiation and management of projects and our land partners. Andy has a BA in Economics and a Postgraduate Certificate in Real Estate.

Rob Shaw Planning Lead - UK

Based in London, United Kingdom

Rob is a chartered town planner with 20 years’ experience. He leads on planning work for PACE and has been responsible for gaining planning consents for over 600MW of solar farms, including some of the largest and most challenging projects across the UK.

Rhonda Barron Project and Communications Co-ordinator - Canada

Based in Alberta, Canada

As Project and Communications Coordinator with PACE Canada, Rhonda’s portfolio primarily focusses on consulting with local government, community and businesses on PACE’s proposed utility scale solar projects. She works with consultants to coordinate the regulatory studies and prepares submissions to the Alberta Utilities Commission.

Rhonda brings several years of experience working and volunteering to move the dial on health inequities in various health care settings, including a community health centre, a national grassroots organization, and public health. In 2022, she decided to switch sectors and apply her skills and passion to the energy sector.

Rhonda holds an undergraduate degree in Human Geography and Urban and Environmental Studies from Brock University where she graduated with First Class Honours and received a Distinguished Graduate award, and a Master of Science from the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto where she received a graduate fellowship.

Dmitry Ozerny Design Analyst - Canada

Based in Alberta, Canada

Dimitry has 20 years experience in GIS analysis, mapping and data management in a variety of sectors such as renewable energy, oil & gas industry, emergency response, government and military. He offers experience and expertise in solar and wind systems modeling, energy yield analyses and assets management and holds a Master's Degree in Geographic Information Science.

Zoorain Jaffari Design Engineer - UK

Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

Zoorain supports the origination and development of new and existing projects in the UK. Zoorain joins from the University of Exeter where he obtained an MSc in Civil Engineering with Management.

Ken Rand Land Pathfinder - UK

Based in Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Ken leads on landowner relationship and management. He has a long farming tradition on both sides of his family.


If you are an international high-energy user requiring a clean energy solution, investment house or significant family-office investor looking to enter the clean energy market you should talk to us.

We bring global knowledge, supply chain and over 1GW of clean energy experience to each market or project.

As clean energy becomes the dominant international power source we work to de-risk and standardise the projects to bring lower cost capital or to make your investments secure and bankable.


  • May 2023 PACE Canada LP receives the Blue Skies Award
  • April 2023 PACE continues to strengthen its development teams with appointments in Canada and UK
  • March 2023 PACE in the UK respond positively to National Grid's EOI request for bringing forward connection dates
  • February 2023 ‘Grid connection delays threatening Net Zero goals' - PACE featured in E&T magazine
  • January 2023 Pathfinder Clean Energy UK to submit 69MW/138MWh energy storage project into planning
  • December 2022 Pathfinder Clean Energy secures planning permission for Mallows Solar and Energy Storage project in Lincolnshire, UK

  • November 2022 Pathfinder Clean Energy commences consultation to submit additional 18MW solar farm into planning before the end of 2022.
  • October 2022 PACE’s Joffre solar power plant commences construction
  • October 2022 PACE enters green hydrogen market with submission of projects into UK Goverment HBM and NZBM funding round
  • October 2022 PACE Canada appoints new Project and Communications Co-ordinator to support its project pipeline expansion
  • September 2022 Pathfinder Clean Energy submits plans for 8MWp solar farm in Gloucestershire
  • August 2022 Pathfinder Clean Energy submits plans for a 27MW solar and co-located energy storage in Suffolk, UK
  • July 2022 PACE strengthens construction team with project manager appointment in Canada
  • July 2022 PACE receives approval for 39MWp Maleys solar park
  • June 2022 Pathfinder Clean Energy submits 13MWp co-located solar and energy storage project in to planning in Lincolnshire
  • May 2022 PACE further strengthens development team with appointments in UK and Canada
  • May 2022 Pathfinder Clean Energy submits plans for a new 48MW solar farm in Suffolk
  • April 2022 PACE Canada completes development and obtains AUC approval for 13 MWAC Hanna Solar park.
  • April 2022 Pathfinder Clean Energy and GOLDBECK SOLAR join forces on the Canadian market with PACE Canada LP
  • March 2022 PACE announces headquarters in Alberta, scaling up cleantech and solar development and investment
  • March 2022 Pathfinder Clean Energy submits further 90 MWp into planning across two UK sites
  • December 2021 Pathfinder Clean Energy secures funding from Hitachi Capital Business Finance to support its UK expansion
  • November 2021 PACE Canada completes development and obtains AUC approval for 61 MWp Joffre Solar park and 8 MWp Youngstown solar park in Alberta
  • October 2021 Pathfinder Clean Energy commences public consultation for 15MWp co-located solar and energy storage project in Lincolnshire
  • September 2021 Pathfinder Clean Energy outlines plans for its second 50MW solar and energy storage farm in the UK
  • September 2021 PACE UK nets third solar planning consent - Attleborough solar farm permission takes PACE’s UK consented pipeline to 70MWp
  • July 2021 PACE Poland moving forward with 80MWp of solar across two projects
  • July 2021 Pathfinder Clean Energy secures planning permission for Burgate Solar farm in Norfolk
  • July 2021 PACE UK strengthens development team with two new appointments
  • July 2021 Consultation starts on Pathfinder Clean Energy’s largest UK project: 50MW solar farm in Suffolk
  • June 2021 PACE Canada obtains development permits for 61 MWp Joffre Solar park in Canada
  • May 2021 PACE Technical appointed as lead design firm by Brine Engineering for Cabo Verde solar and storage facility
  • April 2021 Michal Oleksy appointed to lead Business Development for PACE Poland
  • March 2021 Pathfinder Clean Energy in Poland to develop initial 100MWp pipeline of solar
  • February 2021 Pathfinder Clean Energy obtains planning permission for 21MW solar park in Norfolk, UK
  • January 2021 PACE UK enters the utility scale stand-alone battery market with development of 69MW/138MWh project.
  • December 2020 PACE Technical launched to provide technical services to third-party developers, investors and across the international clean energy sector.
  • October 2020 Pathfinder Clean Energy to submit its largest UK project into planning: 25MWp solar farm in Norfolk.
  • October 2020 PACE Canada completes open-house for Joffre Solar park.
  • August 2020 PACE UK submits EIA screening for second UK utility scale solar project, Burgate Solar Park.
  • July 2020 PACE UK submits EIA screening on first UK utility scale solar project
  • July 2020 PACE Canada signs MOU with the community of Hanna for development of community generation project in Alberta
  • July 2020 Rob Rabinowitz joins PACE UK as Commercial Director
  • July 2020 PACE Canada submits Youngstown 10MW solar project into Transmission system
  • May 2020 David Freeder joins PACE Capital
  • May 2020 PACE Spain agreed partnership with Villar Mir Energya for industrial self consumption scheme in Spain
  • May 2020 PACE UK establishes Bristol office to support technical and project development
  • April 2020 Harmon Sond joins PACE UK planning team to assist with project expansion
  • March 2020 Akshan Jirasinha joins PACE UK as Technical Lead
  • January 2020 PACE Canada submits Joffre solar park to transmission connection process
  • November 2019 PACE holds council meeting to complete the construction details regarding Dueñas solar project
  • September 2019 PACE Technical starts collaborating with Brine Energy Solutions
  • May 2019 PACE Spain obtains EIA approval for 10MW Magaz project
  • August 2018 PACE Spain establishes collaboration with the local partner Enersolpa SL
  • February 2018 PACE announces strategic partnership with Engie Fabricom in Iberia and Cape Verde.
  • January 2018 PACE Canada establishes JV in Alberta, Canada, for development of utility scale solar projects in the region
  • December 2017 PACE launches its development operations in Spain.
  • October 2017 PACE establishes PACE Canada in Vancouver British Colombia to lead on market development in the country
  • May 2017 - Aitor Larrucea joins PACE as Technical Director
  • January 2017 PACE launches in the UK

Markets & Technologies

PACE is constantly investigating global opportunities for our own developments and also on behalf of investors or corporate high energy users. We focus on opportunities with solar technology and energy storage as we consider these provide the strongest opportunity for innovation. We are constantly evaluating new markets, technologies and opportunities. We are active in the following markets:

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PACE is interested to hear from any person who considers they can contribute to the PACE team and our ambitions. As a small and global team we do not have many openings for new positions and when we do require a high standard of professionalism and interest in the sector.

We are a tech-led organisation and as we act in many markets and time zones so we require our team to have a strong understanding and ability to adapt and learn new systems that can bring efficiencies and improve our ability to scale up and manage multiple projects in multiple markets. Our roles will have a high percentage of remote working.

  • Project Manager / Analayst Based in Canada
  • Commercial Analyst Based in Canada
  • Lead Project Manager Canada Based in Canada
  • Lead Project Manager UK Based in UK
  • Analyst Based in London
  • Site Origination and Commercial Land Manager Based in the UK
  • Design Engineer Internship Based in Bristol, UK
  • Poland/UK Technical Graduate Based in the UK or Poland

call us on +44 (0)20 7127 4542

send us an email at info@pathfinderce.com